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HMS Thunder Child


Canon [[Template:Series The War of the Worlds (Series)|{{Series Template:Series The War of the Worlds|name}}]]
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Created by [[H. G. Wells (Native)|Template:Biography H. G. Wells (Native)]]
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First Mention [[The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 4.1 - Call Down the Thunder (Chapter)|Template:Chapter The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 4.1 - Call Down the Thunder]]
First Appearance [[The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 4.1 - Call Down the Thunder (Chapter)|Template:Chapter The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 4.1 - Call Down the Thunder]]

  • Thunder Child
  • Thunderchild (incorrectly)


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Official canonical details are covered in the offsite article, HMS Thunder Child.

The HMS Thunder Child is a warship, an ironclad torpedo ram, from [[The War of the Worlds (Series)|Template:Series The War of the Worlds]]. It has proved itself to be very versatile in speed and combat.


The Thunder Child is a long warship with a sharp and low nose, though is relatively small compared with modern military ships.



[[Mimetic polyalloy (Terminator)|Template:Biography Mimetic polyalloy (Terminator)]] hull

The Thunder Child's hull is layered by from mimetic polyalloy from [[Terminator (Terminator)|Template:Biography Terminator (Terminator)]]s, allowing the vessel to reform its hull. The very tip of the ship originally had the tip of [[Æsahættr (His Dark Materials)|Template:Biography Æsahættr (His Dark Materials)]] welded in it, allowing the ship to smash through [[The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]], but this was removed by [[Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)|Template:Biography Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)]].

Torpedo ram

The Thunder Child has a sharp nose, allowing the ship to ram other vessels including submarines, causing significant damage.

Underwater capable

The Thunder Child is capable of travelling underwater.


Artillery cannons

The Thunder Child was upgraded with two long range cannons, each with three barrels.

First generation [[portal (Half-Life)|Template:Biography portal (Half-Life)]] generator

The Thunder Child possesses the first generation portal generator of the Borealis scientific vessel. Hence, the vessel is capable of generating two giant portals to surround the ship to protect itself or for aiming its own offensive power without aiming the cannons. These portals can be linked to other first generator portals but not with other generations.

[[Hyperdrive (Star Wars)|Template:Biography Hyperdrive (Star Wars)]]

The Thunder Child possesses the hyperdrive of the [[Ebon Hawk (Star Wars)|Template:Biography Ebon Hawk (Star Wars)]] [[Dynamic-class freighter (Star Wars)|Template:Biography Dynamic-class freighter (Star Wars)]]. Hence, the vessel is capable of extremely fast travel. However, due to its weight, it cannot warp nor fly, though it is capable of hovering in the air.

[[White noise (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography White noise (The Three Kingdoms)]] generator

The Thunder Child possesses a white noise generator so it is capable of covering itself with white noise, protecting itself from a single hit, no matter how powerful.



On a Wednesday evening in [[The War of the Worlds (Series)|Template:Series The War of the Worlds]] Universe, immediately after the [[Martian (The War of the Worlds)|Template:Biography Martian (The War of the Worlds)]]s conquered [[London (The War of the Worlds)|Template:Biography London (The War of the Worlds)]] and the surrounding areas, a large number of refugees attempted to escape by sea from the mouth of the [[River Blackwater (The War of the Worlds)|Template:Biography River Blackwater (The War of the Worlds)]] on the [[Essex (The War of the Worlds)|Template:Biography Essex (The War of the Worlds)]] coast of the [[United Kingdom (The War of the Worlds)|Template:Biography United Kingdom (The War of the Worlds)]].

Three Martian tripod fighting-machines then decided to approach the vessels from the sea. The HMS Thunder Child, that had been patrolling about two miles away, raced to engage them but without firing. As her guns remained quiet as she charged the tripods, she was not immediately seen as a threat, so she was not immediately destroyed by their [[Heat-Ray (The War of the Worlds)|Template:Biography Heat-Ray (The War of the Worlds)]]s. In addition, the crowded and turbulent mass of refugee shipping in the area may have also influenced the captain's decision.

The Martians, whom were unfamiliar with large warships, at first responded to the Thunder Child's charge with only a gas attack, which was ineffective. After seeing the ship's continued advance, the Martians deployed their Heat-Ray, inflicting a great amount of damage upon the Thunder Child. She was, however, able to ram one of the fighting-machines, destroying it.

In sinking condition but with steering and propulsion still functional, the Thunder Child turned toward a second fighting-machine and began to use her guns. Although she appeared to score no significant hits and one of her misses sunk a nearby fishing smack, she was able to set a collision course with one of the Martians before the Heat-Rays found her again. The resulting explosion of her boilers and ammunition magazines destroyed the Thunder Child, but the thousands of tons of incandescent wreckage struck the Martian machine and destroyed it.

The remains of the Thunder Child sank to the riverbed.


The Thunder Child was dropped in [[Earth (Native)|Template:Biography Earth (Native)]]'s equivalent of the [[River Blackwater (Native)|Template:Biography River Blackwater (Native)]]. This territory eventually became part of [[The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)]].[1]

[[The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)]], Post-Doomsday[edit]

As part of [[The Thunder Child Restoration Project (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Thunder Child Restoration Project (The Three Kingdoms)]], Yamaha recovered the Thunder Child, repaired and enhanced it, adding technology from other resources in Yamaha's possession, including a hyperdrive from the Ebon Hawk, portal technology from the Borealis[2], mimetic polyalloy technology from Terminators (though only for the hull)[3] and white noise generators. With the hyperdrive, the upgraded Thunder Child is not steam powered like the original.[4] Also, the hull was made watertight and along with the capability to travel underwater. The Thunder Child was changed so it can only be controlled digitally via wireless means to prevent use by anything apart from [[Vocaloid (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Vocaloid (Vocaloid)]]s.[5]

[[Melanie Williams (Native)|Template:Biography Melanie Williams (Native)]], a [[native (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography native (The Three Kingdoms)]] senior programmer of [[Computer Associates (Native)|Template:Biography Computer Associates (Native)]], stationed at the [[Chelmsford (Native)|Template:Biography Chelmsford (Native)]] branch, was put in charge of the ship's software patching system by the Yamaha administration[6] to test the security of the Thunder Child's systems. Melanie was ultimately unsuccessful.[7]

[[Doomsday's First Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Doomsday's First Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

[[Sora Muziku (qrullgx13)|Template:Biography Sora Muziku (qrullgx13)]], Lynette Bishop and [[Solace (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Solace (Arcania City)]] stumbled across the Thunder Child in a warehouse in the coastside town of [[Maldon (Native)|Template:Biography Maldon (Native)]] while fleeing from the United Kingdom.[8] They commandeered the warship but the vessel's navigation was remotely controlled, sailing to the border crossing the [[Atlantic Ocean (Native)|Template:Biography Atlantic Ocean (Native)]]. The Thunder Child fired upon and destroyed five [[Sonic Amp (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Sonic Amp (The Three Kingdoms)]]s generating a section of [[The Sonic Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Sonic Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]] allowing Atlas to follow. Passing through the cooldown of the Sonic Barrier using white noise, the Thunder Child smashed through The Hakurei Barrier into [[Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)]] with the aid of white noise and Æsahættr's tip embedded in the ship's nose. This made the Thunder Child the first object to break through the Hakurei Barrier.[9]

Upon passing through the Hakurei Barrier, the Thunder Child was met by a Gensokyo scout force consisting of [[Hakurei Reimu (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hakurei Reimu (Touhou)]], [[Kirisame Marisa (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kirisame Marisa (Touhou)]], [[Yakumo Yukari (Touhou)|Template:Biography Yakumo Yukari (Touhou)]], [[Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)]], [[Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)]], [[Ibuki Suika (Touhou)|Template:Biography Ibuki Suika (Touhou)]], [[Konpaku Youmu (Touhou)|Template:Biography Konpaku Youmu (Touhou)]], [[Hinanai Tenshi (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hinanai Tenshi (Touhou)]], [[Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou)|Template:Biography Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou)]], [[Onozuka Komachi (Touhou)|Template:Biography Onozuka Komachi (Touhou)]] and [[Shameimaru Aya (Touhou)|Template:Biography Shameimaru Aya (Touhou)]], though Reimu was unable to fight due to the breaking of the Hakurei Barrier. A battle ensued between the [[Touhou (Series)|Template:Series Touhou]] group and the Thunder Child along with Atlas. Sora, who had control of all the vessel's other systems, demonstrated the Thunder Child's abilities, using portals to redirect Marisa's [[Master Spark (Touhou)|Template:Biography Master Spark (Touhou)]] at Yukari who blocked with her [[Quadruple Barrier (Touhou)|Template:Biography Quadruple Barrier (Touhou)]]. The warship followed with shells, breaking the barrier and knocking out Yukari out to prevent her from using her [[gap (Touhou)|Template:Biography gap (Touhou)]] abilities to bypass the Thunder Child's portal limitations. The portals made Tenshi unable to get close enough to strike.[10]

Part way through the battle, [[Cirno (Touhou)|Template:Biography Cirno (Touhou)]], who was carrying Alice Elizabeth Raymour, came across the fight. As Solace prevented Sora from hurting Alice, and hence firing upon Cirno, Cirno was able to freeze the water around the Thunder Child, freezing it in place. This prevented proper use of portals, allowing [[Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)]], piloted by [[Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)]], to get close and rip a hole in the side of the ship. RAY's efforts to destroy the Thunder Child was hindered by Solace with the aid of the [[Super Driver (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Super Driver (The Three Kingdoms)]] and Lynette. Sora shattered the ice using sound waves, causing the vessel to sink. The mimetic polyalloy hull reformed, allowing the ship to recover underwater.[11]

However, the Thunder Child was later intercepted by [[Metal Gear Arsenal (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography Metal Gear Arsenal (Metal Gear)]] and [[unmanned Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography unmanned Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)]]s, led by Remilia Scarlet, and [[Akagi (Strike Witches)|Template:Biography Akagi (Strike Witches)]], commanded by Black★Rock Shooter. Arsenal and Akagi rammed into the Thunder Child, causing huge damage to the smaller ship, forcing Sora, Lynette and Solace to abandon ship. In a fight between Black★Gold Saw and Flandre Scarlet on the vessel, the shirt Solace was wearing over her Super Driver was burnt[12], allowing Haruhi to recreate the Thunder Child in the form of a fleet of [[SOS Thunder Children (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography SOS Thunder Children (The Three Kingdoms)]]. Using these flying versions of the original ship, Haruhi smashed through The Hakurei Barrier, allowing her to control Sora and everyone else in Gensokyo.[13]

Original Events, Pre-DeLorean[edit]

After the death of Suzumiya Haruhi and the merging of Gensokyo and The North High Colony into [[High Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography High Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)]], the Yamaha administration realised there are many newcomers in the [[United States of America (Native)|Template:Biography United States of America (Native)]] who were very powerful and had an advantage against [[android (Native)|Template:Biography android (Native)]]s including Vocaloids and [[UTAU (UTAU)|Template:Biography UTAU (UTAU)]]. It was decided that an alliance with High Gensokyo would be necessary. As High Gensokyo was also looking for assistance in their own territory, an exchange of prisoners was arranged as a sign of goodwill. Sora, Lynette and Solace, under High Gensokyo's control, were to be traded for Alice, [[Ilissia Reverie (Xenosnake)|Template:Biography Ilissia Reverie (Xenosnake)]] and Cirno, under Yamaha's control, in [[Barbados (Native)|Template:Biography Barbados (Native)]]. However, during the exchange, all six prisoners abandoned both kingdoms and boarded the previously sunk but repaired Thunder Child, piloted by [[KITT (Knight Rider)|Template:Biography KITT (Knight Rider)]].[14] On board the Thunder Child, Sora realised that it is [[Æsahættr (His Dark Materials)|Template:Biography Æsahættr (His Dark Materials)]]'s tip on the end of the Thunder Child that allows the ship to break through the Hakurei Barrier.[15] She, along with [[Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)|Template:Biography Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)]], remove the tips from the HMS Thunder Child and the SOS fleet. It was decided that they would head north to [[Canada (Native)|Template:Biography Canada (Native)]] were [[The DeLorean time machine (Back to the Future)|Template:Biography The DeLorean time machine (Back to the Future)]] was being held.[16]

The Thunder Child was intercepted by the helicarrier [[Iliad (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Iliad (Marvel Universe)]], under the controls of [[White★Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)|Template:Biography White★Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)]], [[Superman (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Superman (DC Universe)]] and [[Superboy-Prime (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Superboy-Prime (DC Universe)]][17], of the [[The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]], a massive group of people devoted to the collapse of [[The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)]][18]. The Iliad successfully took hold of the Thunder Child by a [[tractor beam (Native)|Template:Biography tractor beam (Native)]], dragging the warship out of the water where Sora discovered Black was being imprisoned on the Iliad. In an attempt to disable the tractor beam and rescue Black, Sora, Solace and Naluri boarded the Iliad. However, Sora was caught by Superboy-Prime and was thrown into an [[android assimilator (DC Universe)|Template:Biography android assimilator (DC Universe)]] and her entire data was transmitted to [[Victor von Doom (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Victor von Doom (Marvel Universe)]], though the data was also intercepted by [[KC (Arcania City)|Template:Biography KC (Arcania City)]]. Upon learning about the Thunder Child's crew's plan to use The DeLorean to prevent Cirno's use of the [[Death Note (Death Note)|Template:Biography Death Note (Death Note)]] on Haruhi, Doom gave permission for the Iliad crew to disregard [[The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdoms)]]. White successfully disengaged the tractor beam, freeing the Thunder Child not long before Superboy-Prime exploded the Iliad.[19]

To get to The DeLorean as fast as possible, [[Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)]] used the Thunder Child's hyperdrive to hover over land to the garage. However, [[The Statue of Liberty (Native)|Template:Biography The Statue of Liberty (Native)]], which was capable of firing [[slime (Ghostbusters)|Template:Biography slime (Ghostbusters)]], attempted to stop the vessel in midflight. Kirisame Marisa overclocked the hyperdrive with her [[Hakkero (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hakkero (Touhou)]], forcing the ship faster but the hyperdrive exploded, taking Marisa with it.[20] The front half of the Thunder Child crash landed by the garage, its crew confronted by The Anti-Humour Society. The ship was hit by a downed [[Andross (Star Fox)|Template:Biography Andross (Star Fox)]], defeated by [[Galactus (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Galactus (Marvel Universe)]], exploding its ammunition and destroying the ship, as well as Rin, who was still inside.[21]

The DeLorean's Changes[edit]

Naluri and [[Sasaki (Suzumiya Haruhi)|Template:Biography Sasaki (Suzumiya Haruhi)]] successfully used The Delorean to [[time travel (Native)|Template:Biography time travel (Native)]] back to just before Haruhi was killed by the Death Note but had a falling out after [[The Hand Canon (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Hand Canon (The Three Kingdoms)]] was used on Haruhi.[22]

By the time the Thunder Child was hovering through the air towards [[Hopital de Moncton-Service de santé zone de Moncton (Native)|Template:Biography Hopital de Moncton-Service de santé zone de Moncton (Native)]], [[Moncton (Native)|Template:Biography Moncton (Native)]], Canada, where The DeLorean was being held, [[Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou)|Template:Biography Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou)]] had been recovered from [[Arkham Asylum (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Arkham Asylum (DC Universe)]] and passing through a portal to the Thunder Child. She froze time for everything apart from [[David Ælious Sun (Final)|Template:Biography David Ælious Sun (Final)]] who used Ilse's arm holding the tip of Æsahættr to cut a hole into ship. Ælious pulled Kirisame Marisa out just before the hyperdrive of the Thunder Child exploded.

The Thunder Child still landed by the garage but in the end, due to the presence of reinforcements at the garage as well as prior preparation, the Thunder Child was not hit by Andross.[23]

[[The Second Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Second Year (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

[[Doomsday's Second Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Doomsday's Second Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

The Thunder Child was commandeered by [[Skynet (Terminator)|Template:Biography Skynet (Terminator)]] and sent to [[The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)]] as a transport. However, it was in turn taken over by [[Rulia (qrullgx13)|Template:Biography Rulia (qrullgx13)]], who crashed it into [[Area 51 (Native)|Template:Biography Area 51 (Native)]] to try to break through the [[Hakurei Barrier (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hakurei Barrier (Touhou)]] that surrounded it, though it failed.

The ship was taken over for a third time in a day when it was seized by [[Gravemind (Halo)|Template:Biography Gravemind (Halo)]], [[The Red Marker (Dead Space)|Template:Biography The Red Marker (Dead Space)]], [[Nemesis (Resident Evil)|Template:Biography Nemesis (Resident Evil)]], [[The Hunter (Dead Space)|Template:Biography The Hunter (Dead Space)]] and [[The Second Four (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Second Four (The Three Kingdoms)]], which consisted of [[Agent Smith (The Matrix)|Template:Biography Agent Smith (The Matrix)]], [[Neo (The Matrix)|Template:Biography Neo (The Matrix)]], [[Ellis (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography Ellis (Left 4 Dead)]], [[Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)|Template:Biography Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)]], to take them to the [[Arctic (Native)|Template:Biography Arctic (Native)]]. However, the vessel was intercepted by [[Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)|Template:Biography Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)]]'s forces and was cut in half by [[Nana Gray (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)|Template:Biography Nana Gray (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)]].


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