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Doomsday's First Anniversary refers to 21st December 2013, one year after Doomsday when [[Earth (Native)|Template:Biography Earth (Native)]] was once again at war.




[[The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)]], Post-Doomsday[edit]

Doomsday's First Anniversary[edit]

Within an hour of [[Sora Muziku (qrullgx13)|Template:Biography Sora Muziku (qrullgx13)]]'s recruitment into [[The Black Squad (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Black Squad (The Three Kingdoms)]], while in [[Chelmsford (Native)|Template:Biography Chelmsford (Native)]], UK, Sora and Lynette Bishop disobeyed [[Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)]]'s direct orders to severely injure [[Melanie Williams (Native)|Template:Biography Melanie Williams (Native)]], a [[native (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography native (The Three Kingdoms)]] senior programmer of [[Computer Associates (Native)|Template:Biography Computer Associates (Native)]], and the two became outlaws, starting a group that would eventually be called [[The Anti-Nine (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Nine (The Three Kingdoms)]].[1]

On the release of Alice Elizabeth Raymour from [[Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)]] prison, [[Cirno (Touhou)|Template:Biography Cirno (Touhou)]] was ordered by [[Shikieiki (Touhou)|Template:Biography Shikieiki (Touhou)]] to escort Alice to [[David Ælious Sun (Final)|Template:Biography David Ælious Sun (Final)]]. As they discussed how Alice could regain her eyesight, Cirno suggested they visit Alice Margatroid, a Dollmaster, who resided in the [[Forest of Magic (Touhou)|Template:Biography Forest of Magic (Touhou)]], [[Côte d'Ivoire (Native)|Template:Biography Côte d'Ivoire (Native)]], [[Africa (Native)|Template:Biography Africa (Native)]], and offered to fly Alice there.[2]

Haruhi sought the services of [[Solace (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Solace (Arcania City)]], a Colonist living in [[District 9 (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography District 9 (The Three Kingdoms)]][3], to infiltrate Yamaha. She used [[Majora's Mask (The Legend of Zelda)|Template:Biography Majora's Mask (The Legend of Zelda)]] to make the moon fall towards [[London (Native)|Template:Biography London (Native)]], UK, the capital of Yamaha to get Solace, entrusted with the [[Super Driver (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Super Driver (The Three Kingdoms)]], through [[The Sonic Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Sonic Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]][4] as well as using Majora's magical abilities to disguise the action as an offensive by Gensokyo to possibly bring Yamaha and Gensokyo into conflict. This is considered the point when the conflict started.

While on the run, Sora and Lynette stumbled across a metal capsule that had split from the falling moon that had just passed through The Sonic Barrier. The capsule contained [[Solace (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Solace (Arcania City)]], an infiltrator from [[The North High Colony (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The North High Colony (The Three Kingdoms)]] with the personal objective to find a way pass through [[The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]] to get to Arcania City in [[Côte d'Ivoire (Native)|Template:Biography Côte d'Ivoire (Native)]] to reunite with her friends. The three of them decided to work together to escape the Yamaha Kingdom.[5]

Unbeknownst to them, Miku ordered Black★Rock Shooter to allow them to enter the HMS Thunder Child, Miku remotely controlling the vessel. She had Black transfer to [[The Canary Islands (Native)|Template:Biography The Canary Islands (Native)]] to meet with [[The Strike Witches (Strike Witches)|Template:Biography The Strike Witches (Strike Witches)]] of [[The 501st Joint Fighter Wing (Strike Witches)|Template:Biography The 501st Joint Fighter Wing (Strike Witches)]] and observe the activity of the ship.

Observing the descent of the moon through The Sonic Barrier surrounding Yamaha, Reimu suspected Haruhi of having an invasion plan and placed Gensokyo on alert.[6] On finding out that Atlas, who had caught the moon, was making his way towards the border crossing [[The Atlantic Ocean (Native)|Template:Biography The Atlantic Ocean (Native)]], Reimu assembled a scout force consisting of [[Kirisame Marisa (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kirisame Marisa (Touhou)]], [[Yakumo Yukari (Touhou)|Template:Biography Yakumo Yukari (Touhou)]], [[Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)]], [[Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)]], [[Ibuki Suika (Touhou)|Template:Biography Ibuki Suika (Touhou)]], [[Konpaku Youmu (Touhou)|Template:Biography Konpaku Youmu (Touhou)]], [[Hinanai Tenshi (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hinanai Tenshi (Touhou)]], [[Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou)|Template:Biography Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou)]], [[Onozuka Komachi (Touhou)|Template:Biography Onozuka Komachi (Touhou)]], [[Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)]] and [[Shameimaru Aya (Touhou)|Template:Biography Shameimaru Aya (Touhou)]] to wait by the Hakurei Barrier to counter any plan Yamaha or North High would have.[7] However, the HMS Thunder Child, which was sailing ahead of Atlas, passing through the Sonic Barrier with the aid of its [[white noise (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography white noise (The Three Kingdoms)]] generator and smashed through The Hakurei Barrier with the aid of white noise, The Subtle Knife and [[The Convenience Theory (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Convenience Theory (The Three Kingdoms)]].[8] The breaking of the Hakurei Barrier caused great pain to Reimu, incapacitating her.

On the way across The Atlantic Ocean, Cirno, carrying Alice, came across the fight. Cirno was able to freeze the water around the Thunder Child, freezing it in place as a member of the crew of the Thunder Child, Solace, prevented Sora from hurting Alice, Solace's friend, and hence firing upon Cirno. This prevented proper use of portals, allowing [[Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)]], piloted by [[Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)]], to get close and rip a hole in the side of the ship. However, Atlas, who was blocking the gap in [[The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]] was pushed back, allowing the warm air of [[The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)]] to mix with the cooler air in Gensokyo. This created a cyclone that sucked up both Cirno and Alice and threw the two into The Yamaha Kingdom. Under Marisa's protection during the battle, Reimu waited for Atlas, who was standing in the gap in the barrier, to be pushed backwards before closing the gap. Reimu passed out from the pain right after closing the Barrier, though this prevented Cirno's and Alice's return to Gensokyo.[9]

Haruhi observed her plan from the [[Normandy SR-2 (Mass Effect)|Template:Biography Normandy SR-2 (Mass Effect)]][10] and was overjoyed to see Solace come across the Thunder Child, a warship capable of going though the Sonic Barrier and breaking through The Hakurei Barrier. However, upon the freezing of Thunder Child by Cirno, Haruhi blew a fuse, afraid that the Super Driver would be captured and potentially reverse-engineered, and decided to take a break with other matters. Haruhi, already annoyed, personally went to talk with [[Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)|Template:Biography Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)]] about her recruitment, only to fail like [[Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)|Template:Biography Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)]]. Furious, Haruhi branded Naluri an outlaw and ordered Konata to obtain the final combat data needed for the secret project.[11]

Yamaha was suffering from global warming so Cirno began to melt, Alice having to use her angelic powers to carry Cirno instead. Alice, with Cirno's help, avoided Yamaha forces and followed The Sonic Barrier[12] back to [[Canada (Native)|Template:Biography Canada (Native)]][13]. In an attempt to distract Cirno from her suffering, Alice, based on Cirno being interested in story writing, suggested that Cirno should plan villains first, based on the judgement of her writing friend, Solace. Upon landing in [[Newfoundland (Native)|Template:Biography Newfoundland (Native)]], they were unknowingly greeted by [[Kasane Teto (UTAU)|Template:Biography Kasane Teto (UTAU)]] who escorted them to a [[UTAU (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography UTAU (The Three Kingdoms)]] security van where they found [[Ilissia Reverie (Xenosnake)|Template:Biography Ilissia Reverie (Xenosnake)]] strapped to the van floor.

After the Thunder Child fled the scene and The Hakurei Barrier had been reformed, Miku ordered Black to approach the area, with The Sonic Barrier in the vicinity deactivated, on the aircraft carrier [[Akagi (Strike Witches)|Template:Biography Akagi (Strike Witches)]][14] to communicate with the Gensokyo task force and convince them the Thunder Child had been commandeered and would require both Gensokyo and Yamaha to intercept. Reimu agreed to a temporary alliance and the Barriers between the two kingdoms were deactivated.[15]

Once Alice released Ilse, Yamaha and Gensokyo dropped their borders with each other, cool Gensokyo air flooding in, allowing Cirno to recover. With the barriers down, KC contacted them and directed them to [[Hopital de Moncton-Service de santé zone de Moncton (Native)|Template:Biography Hopital de Moncton-Service de santé zone de Moncton (Native)]], [[Moncton (Native)|Template:Biography Moncton (Native)]], a hospital converted into a high security garage that Yamaha had used to contain newcomer cars when it was in their territory. Cirno spotted [[Postman Pat (Postman Pat)|Template:Biography Postman Pat (Postman Pat)]]'s red van while Ilse noticed [[The DeLorean (Back to the Future)|Template:Biography The DeLorean (Back to the Future)]]. The three commandeered [[The Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)|Template:Biography The Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters)]] and began driving back to Ælious' house but were followed out the garage by [[Knight Industries Three Thousand (Knight Rider)|Template:Biography Knight Industries Three Thousand (Knight Rider)]].[16]

Despite their alliance, Gensokyo and Yamaha were not fully behind each other. From that point, Black's responsibility was to chase down the Thunder Child and secretly prevent Gensokyo from seizing its technology. She was granted command of the Akagi, a [[Strike Witch (Strike Witches)|Template:Biography Strike Witch (Strike Witches)]]es unit and was accompanied by Black Squad subordinates Black★Gold Saw and Black★Matagi. However, Gensokyo insisted on accompanying Black's group with a more powerful force, captained by [[Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)]] who was given control of [[Metal Gear Arsenal (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography Metal Gear Arsenal (Metal Gear)]], its fleet of unmanned Metal Gear RAYs and was joined by her younger sister, [[Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)]], and [[Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kawashiro Nitori (Touhou)]] with the original [[Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)]]. Upon catching up with the Thunder Child, which was again being remotely controlled by Miku, it became apparent that Remilia was unwilling to lose possession of the Thunder Child, using the far larger Arsenal to skewer the smaller ship and prevent the Thunder Child from heading north, back towards Yamaha territory. Black realised the only way to regain the Thunder Child was to fight Remilia's group. Using the power of a remote [[Iron Curtain (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)|Template:Biography Iron Curtain (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)]] to make the Akagi temporarily invulnerable, Black had the Akagi ram into the Thunder Child, freeing the warship. However, Nitori prevented the Thunder Child's escape. Remilia retaliated to Black's betrayal and the two fought, Black resorting to her Insane mode. Before Black could reclaim the Thunder Child, Rin ordered her group to retreat back to Yamaha waters in preparation for the reactivation of the Sonic Barrier to be done right after [[The Meltdown Directive (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Meltdown Directive (The Three Kingdoms)]],[17] a plan to allow Yamaha to take over [[The United States of America (Native)|Template:Biography The United States of America (Native)]] by blowing up several key nuclear power stations.[18] This forced the nearby Cirno, Alice and Ilse to leave the Ecto-1 and allow KITT to take them back the way they came, away from the radiation.

On Gensokyo's part, Reimu decided to execute [[The Fission Strategy (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Fission Strategy (The Three Kingdoms)]], a plan to absorb Yamaha's section of Africa into Gensokyo by overloading the [[Farin Ruwa Cold Fusion Plant (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Farin Ruwa Cold Fusion Plant (The Three Kingdoms)]], [[Libya (Native)|Template:Biography Libya (Native)]], and bringing all connected power systems down. Alice Margatroid and her dolls sabotaged the African section of The Sonic Barrier, allowing [[The Earthshaker Cannon (Shockwave)|Template:Biography The Earthshaker Cannon (Shockwave)]] at [[The Temple of Gaia (Shockwave)|Template:Biography The Temple of Gaia (Shockwave)]] to shoot [[Reiuji Utsuho (Touhou)|Template:Biography Reiuji Utsuho (Touhou)]] at the fusion plant, bypassing all security.

Not long after, Solace successfully, though accidentally, activated and revealed the Super Driver that was transmitting the details of the Thunder Child, allowing Haruhi to produce vessels with the same powers.[19] During the Gensokyo-Yamaha Alliance, Haruhi witnessed the planning of [[The Fission Strategy (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Fission Strategy (The Three Kingdoms)]] and [[The Meltdown Directive (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Meltdown Directive (The Three Kingdoms)]] and was appalled by the lengths they were prepared to go to gain the territory of the other.

Once Okuu achieved her objective, Reimu formed the Hakurei Barrier around Africa. Mission completed, Reimu and Okuu began to fly back to Gensokyo's old territory when Reimu fainted in midair, Haruhi smashing through the Hakurei Barrier to the south with her SOS Thunder Children.[20] Haruhi absorbed Gensokyo into North High and brought Reimu to a space station. Without resorting to her godlike powers, Haruhi convinced Reimu that they should work together.[21]

Original Events, Pre-DeLorean[edit]

During the fleeing of Alice Elizabeth Raymour, [[Ilissia Reverie (Xenosnake)|Template:Biography Ilissia Reverie (Xenosnake)]], [[Cirno (Touhou)|Template:Biography Cirno (Touhou)]] and [[Knight Industries Three Thousand (Knight Rider)|Template:Biography Knight Industries Three Thousand (Knight Rider)]] from [[The Meltdown Directive (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Meltdown Directive (The Three Kingdoms)]] and as Haruhi and Reimu were attempting to arrange an alliance, Cirno used [[The Death Note (Death Note)|Template:Biography The Death Note (Death Note)]] she possessed to plan a story. On Alice's earlier advice based on Solace's own advice, Cirno planned villains first. With the very recent news that Haruhi had taken over Gensokyo, Cirno wrote Haruhi's full name first[22], causing Haruhi's physical death.[23]

Reimu and [[Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)|Template:Biography Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)]], now acting leader of North High, agreed to an alliance, merging Gensokyo and North High into [[High Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography High Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)]], to attempt to restore order in the kingdom after Haruhi's death. The two tried to get back down to ground using a drop pod but the pod was intercepted[24] and gassed by the High Gensokyo branch of [[The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]][25], a massive group of people devoted to the collapse of [[The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)]].[26]

Having absorbed the United States, Miku and the rest of the Yamaha administration realised there were many [[newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)]]s in America who were very powerful and had an advantage against androids including Vocaloids and UTAU. It was decided that an alliance with High Gensokyo would be necessary. As High Gensokyo was also looking for assistance in their own territory, an exchange of prisoners was arranged as a sign of goodwill involving six of [[The Anti-Nine (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Nine (The Three Kingdoms)]] but it was unsuccessful[27] as, during the exchange, all six prisoners abandoned both kingdoms and boarded the Thunder Child with [[Santiago Miguel Rivera (Hawk)|Template:Biography Santiago Miguel Rivera (Hawk)]], [[Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)|Template:Biography Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)]] and [[Sasaki (Suzumiya Haruhi)|Template:Biography Sasaki (Suzumiya Haruhi)]] on board, piloted by KITT, finally bringing together [[The Anti-Nine (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Nine (The Three Kingdoms)]].[28] On board the Thunder Child, Sora realised that it was The Subtle Knife tip on the end of the Thunder Child that allowed the ship to break through the Hakurei Barrier.[29] She, along with [[Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)|Template:Biography Naluri Sihara (XenoAisam)]], removed the tips from the HMS Thunder Child and the SOS fleet.

Miku was confronted at [[Crypton Studios (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Crypton Studios (The Three Kingdoms)]] by [[Victor von Doom (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Victor von Doom (Marvel Universe)]] and [[Max Eisenhardt (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Max Eisenhardt (Marvel Universe)]][30], leaders of [[The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]], a massive group of people devoted to the collapse of [[The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)]][31], in an attempt to gain Vocaloid access codes to allow control of all of Yamaha's security and projects, including [[The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)]]. Miku lost the fight due to Magneto's brutality and she purposefully overheated to destroy her data.[32] She successfully deleted her data off the Yamaha network but was unable to erase all the traces before her demise.[33] Black then arrived, too late to save Miku. The two men attempted to coax Black to give them her Black Squad identity card, which would allow access to the Arctic, but Black burnt the card with her cannon, disgusted by their treatment of Miku, and started a fight.[34] She lost and was placed under the jurisdiction of [[White Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)|Template:Biography White Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)]], also a member of The Anti-Humour Society.[35]

[[Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: Timeline A)|Template:Biography Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: Timeline A)]] and [[Palpatine (Star Wars)|Template:Biography Palpatine (Star Wars)]] imprisoned Reimu in [[The Green Mile (DC Universe)|Template:Biography The Green Mile (DC Universe)]], [[Arkham Asylum (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Arkham Asylum (DC Universe)]], [[Arkham Island (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Arkham Island (DC Universe)]], [[Gotham City (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Gotham City (DC Universe)]], [[Salvador (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Salvador (DC Universe)]], [[Brazil (Native)|Template:Biography Brazil (Native)]][36], tied up and weakened by spell tag. In an attempt to gain Reimu's abilities for himself, especially her ability to produce and remove Hakurei Barriers, Ganondorf attached a memory transfer spell tag to her, removing many of her memories.[37]

Rin and Len were confronted by members of [[The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]], a massive group of people devoted to the collapse of [[The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)]][38], in an attempt to gain Vocaloid access codes to allow control of all of Yamaha's security and projects, including [[The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)]]. Len disguised himself as Rin to allow her escape. Rin fled, saving a wounded [[Tainaka Ritsu (K-ON!)|Template:Biography Tainaka Ritsu (K-ON!)]] who had risked her life to retrieve [[Suzumiya Haruhi's Hand Canon (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Suzumiya Haruhi's Hand Canon (The Three Kingdoms)]].[39]

Miku's burnt body, along with [[Kagamine Len (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Kagamine Len (Vocaloid)]] who was disguised as Rin, was executed at the guillotine by Doom in [[Trafalgar Square (Native)|Template:Biography Trafalgar Square (Native)]] as a morale booster for The Anti-Humour Society.[40]

Rin and Ritsu boarded the HMS Thunder Child at [[Barbados (Native)|Template:Biography Barbados (Native)]], where it was decided that they would head north to [[Canada (Native)|Template:Biography Canada (Native)]] where [[The DeLorean (Back to the Future)|Template:Biography The DeLorean (Back to the Future)]] was being held, though Lynette, Alice, Ilse and KITT left the group.[41]

The Thunder Child was intercepted by the helicarrier [[Iliad (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Iliad (Marvel Universe)]], under the controls of [[White Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)|Template:Biography White Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)]], [[Superman (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Superman (DC Universe)]] and [[Superboy-Prime (DC Universe)|Template:Biography Superboy-Prime (DC Universe)]][42], of the [[The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Anti-Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]], a massive group of people devoted to the collapse of [[The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)]][43]. The Iliad successfully took hold of the Thunder Child by a tractor beam, dragging the warship out of the water where Sora discovered Black was being imprisoned on the Iliad. In an attempt to disable the tractor beam and rescue Black, Sora, Solace and Naluri boarded the Iliad. However, Sora was caught by Superboy-Prime and was thrown into an android assimilator and her entire data was transmitted to Doom, though the data was also intercepted by [[KC (Final)|Template:Biography KC (Final)]]. Upon learning about the Thunder Child's crew's plan to use The DeLorean to prevent [[Cirno (Touhou)|Template:Biography Cirno (Touhou)]]'s use of [[The Death Note (Death Note)|Template:Biography The Death Note (Death Note)]] on Haruhi, Doom gave permission for the Iliad crew to disregard [[The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdom)|Template:Biography The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdom)]]. Based on White's judgement of the mentally insane Superboy-Prime who would likely destroy the Iliad, Black attempted to break open Sora's assimilator but was unsuccessful. Sora was destroyed, along with Black and White, when Superboy-Prime exploded the Iliad.[44]

After Sora was lost on the helicarrier, [[Iliad (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Iliad (Marvel Universe)]], Rin took over piloting the Thunder Child.[45] In an attempt to avoid a naval blockade in New York, [[Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid)]] used the Thunder Child's [[hyperdrive (Star Wars)|Template:Biography hyperdrive (Star Wars)]] to hover over land to the garage. However, [[The Statue of Liberty (Native)|Template:Biography The Statue of Liberty (Native)]], which was capable of firing slime, attempted to stop the vessel in midflight. Kirisame Marisa overclocked the hyperdrive with her Hakkero, forcing the ship faster but the hyperdrive exploded, taking Marisa with it.[46] Once they crash landed by the garage, they were confronted by the leaders of the Anti-Humour Society. With the help of Nitori, [[Metal Gear REX (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography Metal Gear REX (Metal Gear)]], Gumi and [[Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi)|Template:Biography Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi)]], Sasaki and Naluri successfully used The DeLorean, returning back to just Haruhi was killed.[47]

[[The DeLorean (Back to the Future)|Template:Biography The DeLorean (Back to the Future)]]'s Changes[edit]

They smashed through a spaceship window, interrupting the meeting between Haruhi and Reimu. Naluri used The Hand Canon, which [[Tainaka Ritsu (K-ON!)|Template:Biography Tainaka Ritsu (K-ON!)]] had passed on, on Haruhi[48], sending her back to her own world[49], replacing her presence in the real world by [[Suzumiya Haruki (Suzumiya Haruki)|Template:Biography Suzumiya Haruki (Suzumiya Haruki)]], Haruhi's genderbent counterpart.[50]

But Sasaki 'abandoned' Naluri pushing her out of the spaceship to Earth below.[51] Naluri, who had landed safely [[Rio de Janerio (Native)|Template:Biography Rio de Janerio (Native)]], [[Brazil (Native)|Template:Biography Brazil (Native)]], was woken by Haruki who convinced her to fix what had gone wrong. The two headed northwards to Arkham Asylum to rescue Reimu but were too late. Instead, they hurried to Barbardos, where Alice, Lynette, Ilse and KITT had disembarked the Thunder Child a moment earlier. Alice, with angelic powers, flew with Naluri at high speed to the Iliad and to Black, White and Sora, where Naluri activated a [[bubble shield (Halo)|Template:Biography bubble shield (Halo)]], preventing their deaths from Superboy-Prime. They were extracted out the wreckage by [[David Ælious Sun (Final)|Template:Biography David Ælious Sun (Final)]] and KC, members of [[The Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]], a splinter group of the Anti-Humour Society that wanted [[The Three Empresses (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Empresses (The Three Kingdoms)]] back, led by White. It was decided that they would attempt to revive Reimu, recover Miku and prevent the death of Marisa.

Black, Sora and KITT took a portal to [[The War Factory (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The War Factory (The Three Kingdoms)]], [[Siberia (Native)|Template:Biography Siberia (Native)]], [[Russia (Native)|Template:Biography Russia (Native)]], to use [[The Append Project (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Append Project (The Three Kingdoms)]] there and a potential backup on the Vocaloid's digital network to bring back Miku and [[Kagamine Len (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Kagamine Len (Vocaloid)]].[52] They were intercepted by [[The Shagohod (Metal Gear)|Template:Biography The Shagohod (Metal Gear)]], which was defeated by KITT.[53] On entering the Factory, they were approached by [[Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)|Template:Biography Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)]]. Black passed her normal Shooter powers to Sora and activated her Insane powers to buy Sora and KITT time with the Project. She defeated Wesker[54], only to be mind-controlled by [[Yuri (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)|Template:Biography Yuri (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)]] and was forced to fight Sora but was stopped by a recovered Len, Yuri knocked out by KITT and Sora.[55]

Ælious, Alice and Ilse were charged to chase after the Thunder Child on which Marisa was on. They used the [[Portal Generator (Portal)|Template:Biography Portal Generator (Portal)]]s on the helicopters which had transported KITT from Canada to Barbados to [[portal (Portal)|Template:Biography portal (Portal)]] back north closer to [[New York City (Native)|Template:Biography New York City (Native)]]. They ended up at [[The Pentagon (Native)|Template:Biography The Pentagon (Native)]], now an Anti-Humour headquarters. Ælious began removing the portal generator from the helicopter, while Alice and Ilse attempted to destroy the five anti-air cannons on top of The Pentagon. However, Alice's fight with [[Alex Mercer (Prototype)|Template:Biography Alex Mercer (Prototype)]] caught the attention of [[Steve Grant Rogers (Marvel Universe)|Template:Biography Steve Grant Rogers (Marvel Universe)]], or Captain America. Ælious and the Captain fought until Ælious was airlifted away by Alice and Ilse, now with the generator, to maintain contact with the rest of the group. They were soon caught up by [[Starscream (Transformers)|Template:Biography Starscream (Transformers)]], who was defeated mostly by Ilse who had to sacrifice her lower legs.

[[White Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)|Template:Biography White Rock Shooter (Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME)]], [[KC (Final)|Template:Biography KC (Final)]], Lynette Bishop and Haruki with some SOS Thunder Children flew to Arkham Asylum to release Reimu and [[Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou)|Template:Biography Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou)]].[56] As KC attempted to disable a security gate to Reimu, they were attacked by [[Darth Maul (Star Wars)|Template:Biography Darth Maul (Star Wars)]], whom White fought against and won by making use of the room's electrical floor.[57] Once KC had deactivated the security system of the entire building, White made it to the prison block, alerting [[Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)|Template:Biography Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)]], who was free at the time, to recent events. Konata promptly released Sakuya with a Subtle Knife tip.[58]

By the time Ælious, Alice and Ilse reached the Thunder Child, it was hovering through the air towards [[Hopital de Moncton-Service de santé zone de Moncton (Native)|Template:Biography Hopital de Moncton-Service de santé zone de Moncton (Native)]], [[Moncton (Native)|Template:Biography Moncton (Native)]], Canada, where [[The DeLorean (Back to the Future)|Template:Biography The DeLorean (Back to the Future)]] was being held. [[Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou)|Template:Biography Izayoi Sakuya (Touhou)]] passed through a portal from the Asylum to the Thunder Child and she froze time for everything apart from Ælious who used Ilse's arm holding the tip of [[Æsahættr (His Dark Materials)|Template:Biography Æsahættr (His Dark Materials)]] to cut a hole into the ship. Ælious pulled Marisa out just before the [[hyperdrive (Star Wars)|Template:Biography hyperdrive (Star Wars)]] of the Thunder Child exploded.

Lynette opted to stand guard outside the penitentiary at the Asylum with Haruki when she was confronted by [[Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)|Template:Biography Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)]], a [[Bionic Commando (Bionic Commando)|Template:Biography Bionic Commando (Bionic Commando)]]. The two began to fight, Haruki aiding Lynette but she was at a disadvantage, the battle ending once [[Akiyama Mio (K-ON!)|Template:Biography Akiyama Mio (K-ON!)]] intervened, holding Nathan off.[59]

Due to Reimu's mental instability and her sheer power, it was decided that someone of her calibre would be needed to pacify Reimu before Ælious could restore her memories. Marisa confronted Reimu and convinced her, with lies, that she was Reimu's mother, which Reimu fell for. With Reimu's guard down, Marisa knocked her out, allowing Ælious to use the memory tag to restore Reimu's memories.

With everyone rescued, they intervened in the battle at the garage to save the fighters there. It was here that people realised that Sasaki was attempting to make time continue in a loop. The main problem with The DeLorean as a time travel device was that it could actually change the past, and disregarded fate. The reason why Sasaki had 'abandoned' Naluri before was to let Naluri choose whether to allow The DeLorean to go back in time. As there was a risk of The DeLorean creating a different future, and hence a paradox, due to outside interference, Naluri opted to stop The DeLorean from going back, a choice supported by Sasaki but hotly contested by Haruki.

Solace, under Haruki's control via the Super Driver, attempted to stop Naluri from blocking The DeLorean but was unsuccessful. Naluri was hit by the car and was mortally wounded. She died in Sasaki's arms, a condition that sent Haruki back to his own world and Haruhi back to this one. The future Sasaki was able to say a few words to Haruhi before she and Naluri's dead body were erased from time and space from The DeLorean being stopped.[60]



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