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Canon [[Template:Series God of War (Series)|{{Series Template:Series God of War|name}}]]
Copyright Holder [[SCE Santa Monica Studio (Native)|Template:Biography SCE Santa Monica Studio (Native)]]
Created by [[SCE Santa Monica Studio (Native)|Template:Biography SCE Santa Monica Studio (Native)]]
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Key Source [[[:Template:Wiki God of War Wiki]]Atlas Atlas]
First Mention [[The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 2.1 - Don't Take It Easy (Chapter)|Template:Chapter The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 2.1 - Don't Take It Easy]]
First Appearance [[The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 3 - Caught Blackhanded (Chapter)|Template:Chapter The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 3 - Caught Blackhanded]]
Nationality Unknown [[newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)]]
Gender Male
Species [[Titan (Native)|Template:Biography Titan (Native)]]
Date of Birth Unknown
Age on Doomsday Unknown




Title Unknown
Current Status
Status [[Carrier (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography Carrier (Left 4 Dead)]] controlled by [[Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)|Template:Biography Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)]]
Residence Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Allegiance [[Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)|Template:Biography Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)]][[Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)|Template:Biography Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)]]

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Key Colour #7B1312 - Falu Red
Light Colour #EDD3D3 - Oyster Pink
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Biography template Template:Biography Atlas (God of War)
Ready and waiting.
- Atlas prepared to catch the [[moon (Native)|Template:Biography moon (Native)]].[1]

Atlas is a [[titan (God of War)|Template:Biography titan (God of War)]] [[newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)]] who had been forced to hold his world over the Underworld in his own [[canon (Native)|Template:Biography canon (Native)]], [[God of War (Series)|Template:Series God of War]].[2] After Doomsday, he was freed from that position.


Atlas is a massive four armed and grey-skinned titan. Having spent a vast amount of time holding his world over the Underworld, the hot world above hardened the skin on his upper body and hands.


Normally a tough and serious figure, having been in a state of imprisonment and strain, Atlas was very grateful for his freedom that Doomsday gave him.


Atlas follows [[The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdoms)]] and has not found any reason to think otherwise.



Thick Skin

Atlas' thick and burn-hardened skin grants him limited resistance to magic and blunt force.



Atlas, given his size, is an incredible melee fighter.



At some point, Atlas made his way to the [[Atlas Mountains (Native)|Template:Biography Atlas Mountains (Native)]], which later became part of [[The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)]].

[[The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)]], Post-Doomsday[edit]

[[Doomsday's First Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Doomsday's First Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

colspan="3" style="text-align:center;background:#Template:Biography Atlas (Atlas); color:#FFFFFF;"|Power Grid (including equipment)
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Fighting Skills
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With the [[moon (Native)|Template:Biography moon (Native)]] suspiciously stopping its orbit of [[Earth (Native)|Template:Biography Earth (Native)]] over [[London (Native)|Template:Biography London (Native)]], [[United Kingdom (Native)|Template:Biography United Kingdom (Native)]], [[The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Yamaha Kingdom (The Three Kingdoms)]]'s capital city, [[Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)|Template:Biography Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)]], the leader of The Yamaha Kingdom, summoned Atlas to London to catch the moon when it would pass through [[The Sonic Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Sonic Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]]. Atlas successfully caught the main piece of the moon that had been severely worn away by the Sonic Barrier. Originally ordered to deposit the moon in [[The Sahara (Native)|Template:Biography The Sahara (Native)]] desert[3], Atlas was reordered to follow the recently commandeered HMS Thunder Child into [[The Atlantic Ocean (Native)|Template:Biography The Atlantic Ocean (Native)]]. The Thunder Child destroyed five [[Sonic Amp (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Sonic Amp (The Three Kingdoms)]]s generating a section of The Sonic Barrier allowing Atlas to follow behind. Passing through the cooldown of the Sonic Barrier using white noise, the Thunder Child smashed through [[The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Hakurei Barrier (The Three Kingdoms)]] into [[Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Gensokyo (The Three Kingdoms)]] with the aid of white noise and [[The Convenience Theory (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Convenience Theory (The Three Kingdoms)]]. Atlas blocked the gap made to forbid any of the [[Touhou (Series)|Template:Series Touhou]] cast to enter The Yamaha Kingdom.

Present there was a Gensokyo scout force consisting of [[Hakurei Reimu (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hakurei Reimu (Touhou)]], [[Kirisame Marisa (Touhou)|Template:Biography Kirisame Marisa (Touhou)]], [[Yakumo Yukari (Touhou)|Template:Biography Yakumo Yukari (Touhou)]], [[Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Remilia Scarlet (Touhou)]], [[Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)|Template:Biography Flandre Scarlet (Touhou)]], [[Ibuki Suika (Touhou)|Template:Biography Ibuki Suika (Touhou)]], [[Konpaku Youmu (Touhou)|Template:Biography Konpaku Youmu (Touhou)]], [[Hinanai Tenshi (Touhou)|Template:Biography Hinanai Tenshi (Touhou)]], [[Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou)|Template:Biography Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou)]], [[Onozuka Komachi (Touhou)|Template:Biography Onozuka Komachi (Touhou)]] and [[Shameimaru Aya (Touhou)|Template:Biography Shameimaru Aya (Touhou)]], though Reimu was unable to fight due to the breaking of the Hakurei Barrier. A battle ensued between the Touhou group and the Thunder Child along with Atlas. As the Touhou cast was struggling with the Thunder Child, all but the Scarlet sisters diverted their attention to Atlas. Youmi and Reisen cut up the moon, forcing Atlas to drop the pieces. Suika matched Atlas' size and entered close combat with him. After a brief fight, Atlas managed to repel a distracted Suika but was immediately hit by [[The Touhou Soccer Ball (Touhou Soccer)|Template:Biography The Touhou Soccer Ball (Touhou Soccer)]] that had been launched by [[The Temple of Gaia (Shockwave)|Template:Biography The Temple of Gaia (Shockwave)]]. Komachi and the Scarlet sisters had powered up the ball enough to push Atlas back into Yamaha territory, knocking him unconscious and allowing the Hakurei Barrier to close once more.[4]

[[The Second Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Second Year (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

[[Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)|Template:Biography Yggdrasil (Digital Monster X-Evolution)]], a sentient crystal ball, was briefly released from statis in [[The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)]] to allow Haruhi to examine him for danger. As an [[Invisible (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Invisible (The Three Kingdoms)]], he was deemed a harmless object but was placed back in statis just in case. However, in the time he was free, he digitalised the surrounding area, making the statis ineffective. The digitisation spread throughout the universe, including Atlas.

[[Doomsday's Second Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Doomsday's Second Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

Yggdrasil's digitalisation inadvertently freed [[Skynet (Terminator)|Template:Biography Skynet (Terminator)]] and granted [[The AI Director (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography The AI Director (Left 4 Dead)]] digital access to the universe, who controlled everyone they could.[5] Feeling under threat, Yggdrasil took control of all intelligent non-humans excluding digital machines and sentient inanimates, including Atlas.

The three of them, later known as [[The Digital Three (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Digital Three (The Three Kingdoms)]], agreed to stage a fake war to coax [[Rokiahi (XenoAisam)|Template:Biography Rokiahi (XenoAisam)]] to feel true fear, the last missing emotion of The Hand Canon, to allow them to return to their original worlds. Under the guise of a difference in ideals between Haruhi, Miku and Reimu, [[The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Three Kingdoms (The Three Kingdoms)]] were refounded. Atlas was forced to join [[The North High Colony (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The North High Colony (The Three Kingdoms)]], said to want everybody to be free, though the faction was later renamed [[The Yggdrasil Network (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Yggdrasil Network (The Three Kingdoms)]].[6] As part of the plan, Gensokyo declared war on Yamaha and North High.

After Yggdrasil's betrayal of Skynet, Atlas intercepted the Thunder Child's journey to [[The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Arctic Prison (The Three Kingdoms)]], which was piloted by [[Gravemind (Halo)|Template:Biography Gravemind (Halo)]], [[The Red Marker (Dead Space)|Template:Biography The Red Marker (Dead Space)]], [[The Hunter (Dead Space)|Template:Biography The Hunter (Dead Space)]], [[Nemesis (Resident Evil)|Template:Biography Nemesis (Resident Evil)]] and [[The Second Four (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Second Four (The Three Kingdoms)]], which consisted of [[Smith (The Matrix)|Template:Biography Smith (The Matrix)]], [[Neo (The Matrix)|Template:Biography Neo (The Matrix)]], [[Ellis (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography Ellis (Left 4 Dead)]], [[Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)|Template:Biography Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)]].


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