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Alice Elizabeth Raymour


Canon [[Template:Series Arcania City (Series)|{{Series Template:Series Arcania City|name}}]]
Copyright Holder [[dra2k4 (Native)|Template:Biography dra2k4 (Native)]]
Created by [[dra2k4 (Native)|Template:Biography dra2k4 (Native)]]
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Key Source Alice Elizabeth Raymour
First Mention [[The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 1.1 - Love is War (Chapter)|Template:Chapter The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 1.1 - Love is War]]
First Appearance [[The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 1.1 - Love is War (Chapter)|Template:Chapter The Three Kingdoms - Chapter 1.1 - Love is War]]
Nationality Arcanian [[newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)]]
Gender Female
Species [[Human (Native)|Template:Biography Human (Native)]]
Date of Birth Unknown
Age on Doomsday 17




Title Unknown
Current Status
Status [[Infected (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography Infected (Left 4 Dead)]] controlled by the [[AI Director (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography AI Director (Left 4 Dead)]]
Residence Arcania City
Occupation Unknown
Allegiance [[AI Director (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography AI Director (Left 4 Dead)]][[AI Director (Left 4 Dead)|Template:Biography AI Director (Left 4 Dead)]]


[[Director Network (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Director Network (The Three Kingdoms)]]

Former Affiliations

[[Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Humour Society (The Three Kingdoms)]]



Former Groups



Alice's tilted white five pointed star

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Alice Elizabeth Raymour is a [[human (Native)|Template:Biography human (Native)]] [[newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography newcomer (The Three Kingdoms)]] and is one of the Anti-Nine.


Alice is a young girl with long brown hair usually tied in a ponytail and has blue eyes.

For her usual attire, she wears a brown short-sleeved shirt and a red jumper. Her skirt is dark red, with a skewed star emblem. She wears mid-thigh height white stockings with narrow red strips and red retro sports shoes. She is always found with a fabric red flower in her hair, a gift from [[Arcania City (Series)|Template:Series Arcania City]]'s [[David Ælious Sun (Arcania City)|Template:Biography David Ælious Sun (Arcania City)]].


Alice has a very warm and motherly personality and is very keen to make friends with anyone possible. Some people have tried to take advantage of her kindheartedness, mistaking it for ignorance, but Alice can also be very cynical if she has any suspicions, though rarely reveals this to others.

Alice has haemophobia, the fear of blood, and tends to be aggressive once her phobia is triggered.


Alice is a proud upholder of the [[The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Unwritten Law (The Three Kingdoms)]].



White Angelic [[Magic (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Magic (Arcania City)]]

Alice can cast White Angelic Magic to emulate angelic abilities.
  • Angelic Wings
Alice can summon angel wings at will for flight or for protection. Her flight is unstable and it unsuited for transporting other people as her wings are on her back.
  • Healing Magic
Alice can heal biological physical injuries by hovering her hands over the wound. She can heal fatal injuries, the more damage that needs to be repaired, the longer she needs to heal the injury. This ability is also hampered by Alice's phobia of blood. She cannot remove bacterial or viral diseases or mental illnesses.
  • Light Arrows
Alice can fire arrows made of light by forming a light bow with her left hand and knocking an arrow for launch. No string is formed or needed. She can also throw arrows but these are considerably less accurate.
  • Light Lance


[[Capoeira (Native)|Template:Biography Capoeira (Native)]]

Alice is skilled in [[Capoeira (Native)|Template:Biography Capoeira (Native)]] martial arts.



Alice was a semi-professional tennis player before Doomsday but this has been on the sidelines due to other priorities.



Pre-Doomsday in [[Arcania City (Series)|Template:Series Arcania City]] canon[edit]

Alice was born and raised in Arcania City in [[Arcania City (Series)|Template:Series Arcania City]] [[canon (Native)|Template:Biography canon (Native)]]. While in her last year of high school she met [[David Ælious Sun (Arcania City)|Template:Biography David Ælious Sun (Arcania City)]] and moved in with him into his four bedroom house, along with [[Lash Calle (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Lash Calle (Arcania City)]]. They were soon joined by a foreign hobbyist writer, [[Solace (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Solace (Arcania City)]], invited by Ælious. Not soon after, suffering cyborg [[Chamber (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Chamber (Arcania City)]] was offered residence in the house.

Alice and Ælious became engaged. Soon, their time travelling daughters, [[April Ælious Sun (Arcania City)|Template:Biography April Ælious Sun (Arcania City)]] and [[Summer Ælious Sun (Arcania City)|Template:Biography Summer Ælious Sun (Arcania City)]], took residence in this time period with other relatives. Alice was due to start university at the end of the year.


[[The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The First Year (The Three Kingdoms)]], Post-Doomsday[edit]

[[Doomsday's First Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Doomsday's First Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

Original Events, Pre-DeLorean[edit]

The DeLorean's Changes[edit]

[[The Second Year (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography The Second Year (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]

[[Doomsday's Second Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)|Template:Biography Doomsday's Second Anniversary (The Three Kingdoms)]][edit]


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